Audra References

We have tried to show a complete outline of our production. The main references are of course our long-standing employees and suppliers. Without them many „overnight“ services would not have been possible.

1999: AUDI-LOOP IAA Frankfurt – Sobek & Partner, Stuttgart

1999: Maximilian Museum Augsburg – Ludwig & Weiler, Augsburg – Ingenieurbaupreis 2000

2001: Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium Waldkirch – Stoelcker, Theobald v. Lampe

2002: SEW-Eurodrive Karlsruhe – Schlaich Bergermann, Stuttgart

2002/2003: Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig – Andrä & Partner, Dresden

2003: Guangzhou Airport – China

2004: Niedersachsenstadion Hannover – Schulitz & Partner, Braunschweig

2004: Waldstadion Frankfurt/Main – Architekten GMP, Berlin

2005 Olympiaschwimmhalle München – Schlaich Bergermann, Stuttgart

2009 Olympiahalle München – Schlaich Bergermann, Stuttgart

If you require further references concerning membrane structures, products for the automotive industry or special wire ropes for all industries, please let us know.